2.Tera 7 Flexy

TERA 7 Flex is a monitor with a 7” (WVGA 800x480) display with LED technology and 32 bit ARM™ processor.
It could be installed both horizontally and vertically depending on the customer needs.
It is equipped with 5 keys or without any key and it is provided with a waterproof glass-on-glass scratchproof touch-screen as optional.
It has been designed to meet the harsh environment requests of any mobile machines. Based on Linux OS, TERA 7 Flex is the ideal HMI solution for any middle-high
end application. It is provided with two PAL/NTSC video camera input, USB port, and two CAN-bus.
TERA 7 Flex is fully programmable using VT3 software development tool, COBO proprietary IDE, that combines intuitive WYSIWYG graphic programming with
IEC61131 standard for I/O management.
TERA 7 Flex can be installed out-dash with its specifi c articulated supports.