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Weighing Systems for Front Loaders, Excavators, and Forklifts.

fork weigh

Fork lift weighing system kit.

Wheel loader weighing system with proximity sensors kit.

The result of many years of experience and development of weighing &
management systems for Front Loaders and Forklifts.

A unique icon based software is used as well as a color TFT display.

It is an essential system for quarries and mines without weighing bridges
and equally ideal for sites where the weighbridge is a significant
distance from the loading area. As well as general usage in and around the warehouse environment.

The loading operation is ultimately more efficient, giving potential to achieve the maximum filling capacity of the truck first time, reducing laps to the weighbridge.

Increases productivity of your machine by performing a (typical)
weight accuracy of ±1% when loading loose materials.

Increases productivity and consequent profit from each job thanks
to its revolutionary loading and management technology.

Has an industry leading self learning calibration function that
drastically reduces the system implementation time.

Stores and manages daily/weekly totals.

Is capable of tracking different materials on the same truck.

COBO INTOUCH connection: Remote assistance service thanks
to web-server interface which connects COBO devices with a
Cloud server. Data are stored in a database and provided to
Customers via Internet access.

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